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Icons//Brushes//Tube//Tiles !Oh my!

It's a Halloween Dump friends :)
One side affect of disappearing for a year is one accumulates a lot of stuff on ye ole hard drive. Perhaps something here might be of interest/use to someone here.


Links + 2 sets of Halloween BrushesCollapse )


Ok, so it's only been about a year, but hopefully y'all knew I wouldn't sleep on the opportunity for the fourth annual Halloween icon posting!


21 totalCollapse )


Woot! It's trash_graphics third annual Halloween icon post (meh, better late than never, no?)

This is HalloweenCollapse )

Icons/ Alphas-Halloween

Yupper, another set of these bad boys.
You can either a.)use a single letter as an user icon, fun for those who like initials, or b.)you can string them together to make a word, perhaps for your user info, or in a comment to a friend to wish them a Happy Halloween.

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18 of Madge from Hung Up.


Tired of waitingCollapse )

Icons-Misc Stock


a lil bit o everythingCollapse )

*edit* Egads! How do I get rid of this fugly nav strip?


Hiya community friends.
Ok ok, yes, it's been very slow here i'll admit, but it's only because summer has hit us full force in my neck of the woods, and as one of my flist friends has been so quick to point out, I have become farmer lasciviae. I just felt I should mention this for the newer members of this community, as trash_graphics is not going anywhere, especially being that Trash is about to celebrate it's 2 year anniversary. Yay!

Anywho, 18 Outkast icons


The coolest Motherfunkers on the planetCollapse )


A Few things in this post for everyone. Brush set, large flare textures, and some tiles for graphics for web-design.

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