Lasciviae (lasciviae) wrote in trash_graphics,

Brushes-Icon sized

wow...I don't think I have made a set for icons specifically in at least 6 months. Any who, there are 18 total in the pack, and to the Photoshop users, I switched back to version 6 for brush making.

Asssss always, if my bandwidth is over the "oh, but I only blinked" time limit because I am too cheap to pay for web-hosting, please either wait like an hour, or use the You Send It mirror links. If by chance the YSI mirrors expire, would someone comment as such, and I will re-up.

Image Pack-Permanent Link
Image Pack-YSI Mirror

PS 6+-Permanent Link
PS 6+-YSI Mirror

PSP 8-9-X-Permanent Link
PSP 8-9-X YSI Mirror

If snagged, please comment. I know it's a pain, but it's the best way to attempt to accurately gage the response to them. Credit is cool if you are so inclined, resource page mentions are awesome, but please do so to trash_graphics.

Please enjoy them :)
Tags: brushes, ip, photoshop, psp
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