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Resources and Credits

Below is a listing of the sources I have used to aid my work. It is also what I am hoping in time to be a very comprehensive resource guide for others to use. In regards to actual tools, only those I have actually used are mentioned. If your name is listed below, I thank you for sharing the tools to help me. For specific categories, such as stock sources and storage, if you know of a location not listed, please let me know and I'll add it to the list. Ditto on any broken links I will remove them that is.

Stock Photography
Brushes By LJ Users
Brushes By Deviant Art Users
Brushes From Web Sites
Textures By LJ Users
Textures From Non LJ Sources
Image Storage
File Sharing/Storage
Document,.pdf,.swf Sharing/Storage

Stock Photography

Corbis Royalty Free
Free Photo
Getty Images
Tripod Image Browser
Snap Shot Wall Papers
Images Of The World
Acclaim Images Stock Photography & Fine Art Prints
Morgue File
Photo Clicks
Open Photo
Picture Correct
Creative Stock image
All Pictures-Photos
Picture Quest
Bruce Coleman Stock
Go Graph
Snap Shot

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Brushes By LJ Users

teh_indy here
77words here here here here here
meleada here here
booster_rocket here
unbrokensky *sorry, exact link of post is unknown*

_joni here here
dearest It's easier to just list her journal as a whole.
fyre_paved here
mediocrechick here
unmasked_icons here here
xxestellaxx *sorry, exact post is unknown at this time*
ownthesunshine here here here
ewanism here here here here here here

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Brushes By Deviant Art Users

Dragonstar-stock :
Fifth :here
H8machine :here
Rebelkitty-stock :here *edit* apparently account has been abandoned, but credit is deserved*
TammySue :here here here here

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Brushes By Other Web Sites

Nocturna *edit*At this time is not offering the brushes, but credit is deserved*
Fragil Decay

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Textures By LJ Users

unmasked_icons here
dearest here
colorfilter here
antiquehunters here
elliptica (member's only)
gesiika here here

Textures From Non LJ Sources


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Online Image Storage
*Only those that allow direct linking are mentioned*
Tiny Pic
Snap And Share
Image Cave
Free IMG Hosting
Free Photo Hosting *allows adult content to be uploaded*
Image Cabin
Free Photo
2 And 2
IMG Spot
Image Shack
Rancho Web
Image Magician"

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Online File Storage

Deviant Art
You Send It
-25 downloads or 7 days
File Factory
--500 mb upload, unlimited downloading, will be deleted if inactive for over 30 days
Save File
-file size limit 60mb, unlimited downloading,
Mega Upload
-500 mb limit, deleted after 30 days if the file is not downloaded anymore
Rapid Share
-30 days, 50 mb limit all files allowed
File Lodge
-10 mb limit, unlimited downloads
Share Big File
-250 mb limit, all files allowed, 7 days or 250 downloads
Upload Temple
-File Types: All file types except for .php & mp3
-Max Size per File: 30.00 MB, files stored for ??
File Cabi
-Accepted Files : .wmv .avi .mpg .mov .swf .asx .jpg .gif .png .pdf file -storage 4 ever. 10 mb max
Upload Hut
-50 mb limit. all files allowed
Swift Desk
-30 mb max
Send This File
-no file size limit. all files allowed. max 3 downloads
100Mb limit: 7 days

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Online Document/.swf/.pdf Storage

2 And 2

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