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Rough Texture Dump-3 sets

Hi everyone,
Well, I suppose this is kind of a texture dump, as there are 3 packs up for grabs.

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*edit* Please excuse my rudeness in not replying to your comments in this entry :(


Icons-Marilyn Manson

The majority of these were submissions @ manson_icontest, and a few were something I made here or there and were hanging around ye ole harddrive.


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If I broke your flist page, please let me know.

Brushes-Icon sized

wow...I don't think I have made a set for icons specifically in at least 6 months. Any who, there are 18 total in the pack, and to the Photoshop users, I switched back to version 6 for brush making.

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Brushes-Large Orchids

More brushes :) These are again large sized brushes, and have only been reduced in size for previewing purposes only.

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Pink Textures

Hiya everyone
So this set was made for a contest at resourcelove, where the challenge was "pink or red" (they won *g*). Though sharing common hues of pink, inside the zip, there are sorta 2 different styles, both of which are reflected on the preview.

::Perm. Link::|::YSI Mirror::
~If the permanent link is over it's hourly bandwidth, please use the mirror.~
~If you snag them, holla at a girl. Please do not re-distribute anywhere, and as always, Please do not hotlink my files. Mentions on resources are always appreciated, but please do so to this community, not my personal journal.~


Icons-Veronica Mars

Bah, so I have a new monitor, and now I am crazy paranoid over my coloring and clarity ( I swear I can see the grain on the plasma monitor), like OMG throw valium at me and shit paranoid. Any who, 25 VMars icons from 2x13-Aint No Magic Mountain high Enough. Eek, I haven't done fandom icons in a very long time...

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These, again, are on the larger size, but of course may be resized for iconic purposes.

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Also, the community has received a face lift with a brand spankin new layout. I don't know if it's a keeper though....I'm never happy with layouts...ever.

Icons-Various Fandoms and stuff

Is that descriptive enough,lol?

Anywho, these are a bunch that have been sitting on the external HD for a while now from various competitions. This lot includes:
(2)David Bowie
(2)My Chemical Romance {I have never heard these guys music, they were for rock stillness. Would I like them?}

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Random question for you all. I cap the majority of the videos and movies I use for icons, would you all be interested in my posting these caps too?

Soft Celestials

Howdy community friends
So, today's goody is a pack of celestial textures. But Lasciviae I hear you cry, there is already a plethora of these available, why are you adding to the already massive quantity?!?! Well, as gorgeous as those other textures are, I have found in some instances that a more subdued version would be more appropriate for my finished icon. So as usual, when I am in need of a tool, I go ahead and make it. So here they are, hopefully of some use to you :). 22 100x100 .png soft blend celestials.

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32 winter inspired icons

Bah, we were having such a mild winter for the past few weeks here in my neck of the woods, but mother nature, being bi-polar as she, has decided to remind us here that it is indeed still winter. Can't.Wait.For.spring.

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~Any outside resources used are always listed and credited with much gratitude on my resource post listed on the community sidebar. You all rock in your own special talented way.