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What is trash_graphics? It's a bad idea incubator ran by lasciviae. Quite frankley, her F-List was tired of her squeeing over new abominations items made in Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop, hence how this community was spawned. What is offered here?

Anything craptacular I can come up with
.:Any new thing I am learning to master...scripts, shapes, the world etc.

Most communities have terms of use, here are mine:

.:I am the only poster here, just to clarify.
.:Credit-Well, It's lovely, and it's the proper(and such an easy)thing to do. I will not go apeshit if it isn't given, but please don't pass mine as yours.If you do this, seriously, I'll send a band of flatulent monkies to your home, because I can. If you wish to credit, keywords in icons are just fine, or grab a button below and pimp away!*

*Cash will not be given for these pimp services, but many thanks and adoration will be given.*

.:If you do use one of my styles, ALL CREDIT MUST REMAIN, as these styles are linkware, and may not under any circumstances without my prior consent be altered. If you don't like them, don't use them.

Everyone is welcomed to join and / or watch the community. Thanks for stopping by.

A Huge Extra Special Thank you to:
Icon Table Generator